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The advantages of Zhongsu’s environmental protection TPE/TPR material

Product advantages

159彩票 High-grade food grade TPE / TPR materials, in line with the US FDA and the EU LFGB standards。

Flame retardant grade wire TPE material, to reach level 94-V0 flame retardant and VW-1.

Smart Strap equipment (MI), feel comfortable, wear-resistant and durable, beautiful and stylish.

High-grade plastic cementing material, can cementing ABS, PC, PETG, PA material, have matt and shinning surface, and have transparent cementing TPE/TPR material, all good hand feeling.

Enterprise Superiority

Group: made of young people in the 80 s and 90 s , enthusiastic, energetic, happy to serve you, and seek common development for win-win elite group。

Quality: advanced granulation equipment and professional TPE TPE material, environmental testing equipment, standard operating procedures for testing, to provide protection for the quality and stability.

Technology: senior R & D team, TPE decades of professional experience in research and development, to provide you with technical support TPE products and solutions。

Services: 15 professional TPE granulation equipment 24-hour operation, shorten order cycle, fast shipping capacity of 20,000-hour service the Pearl River Delta.

24H Hotline0755-33238090

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Shenzhen Zhongsuwang plastic products co,. ltd

This is a company specializing in the development, production and marketing of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TPR, TPV, TPU, TPEE, SBS, SEBS) polymer of high-tech enterprises, the factory was established in Taiwan in 1996, the mainland factory was established in 2003, Continental plant was founded in 2013, this factory has 13 production lines, .....

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